The OmnEcoil is a novel device that utilizes the benefits of MRI for prostate cancer detection and tissue sampling in one integrated procedure for a more efficient and accurate diagnosis.


The traditional ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy is a poor test.

The traditional ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy, which obtains 12 blinded tissue samples from standard locations on the prostate, was developed in the pre-MRI era as a then rational response to the historical inability to locate tumor within the prostate. It is a poor test with high rates of underdiagnosis and overdiagnosis. Ultrasound can demonstrate the prostate, but not the location of cancers within the gland (MRI does both). No other solid organ cancer is diagnosed by blind biopsies, yet this is the gold standard in prostate cancer diagnosis to date.

Needle misses cancer

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Needle hits low grade part of cancer

Needle hits small low risk cancer

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It’s like playing a game of Battleship.

You’re essentially guessing at deploying the biopsy needle into certain target areas of the prostate without ever having visualized a cancerous lesion.

“No woman on earth would let you randomly stick 12 needles in the breast to diagnose breast cancer, yet ultrasound-guided 12-core biopsy of the prostate is the current gold standard for prostate cancer diagnosis in men.”

Dr. Fergus Coakley  |  Inventor & Scientific Advisor


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Dr. Fergus Coakley
Dr. Fergus CoakleyInventor & Scientific Advisor
Dr. Fergus Coakley is the inventor of the OmnEcoil device and holds a longstanding personal research interest in multiparametric MRI and MRI-targeted biopsy of the prostate. He currently serves as Professor and Chair of OHSU’s Department of Diagnostic Radiology and holds a concurrent honorary appointment as a Professor in Residence in the Department of Urology. At OHSU, Dr. Coakley has spearheaded the provision of state-of-the-art prostate imaging, including endorectal multiparametric MRI, in-bore MRI-guided biopsy, and fusion biopsy. He joined OHSU in August 2012 from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) where he was a Professor in Residence in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging. He also served as Chief of the Abdominal Imaging Section and Co-Director of the Prostate Imaging Program at UCSF. At UCSF, Dr. Coakley worked to extend the techniques of prostate cancer MRI, reading approximately 600 prostate MRI studies per year and generating numerous publications on this topic.
Duffy DuFresne
Duffy DuFresneCEO
Duffy is currently the CEO of OmnEcoil, developing medical devices to image and biopsy the prostate under MRI guidance. He is an experienced biotech and medical device startup CEO with a strong background in deal negotiation, business startups, raising financing, international business, organizational development, marketing/sales, R&D program management, and corporate strategy. CEO stints: Ischemix, Pacgen Biopharmaceuticals, Zelos Therapeutics, Conjuchem, Anika Therapeutics. Duffy has raised ca. $200 MM in private and public financings for these firms and in several instances built these companies from an early startup phase to a successful exit point. Multinational roles: Managing Director Boots Pharmaceutical Ltd. Nottingham, U.K., General Manager Baxter Baxter Travenol Labs Inc., Director of International OMNIS Surgical, Division Manager Japan Tavenol Ltd. (Baxter, Japan) Tokyo Japan.
Libby Mirande
Libby MirandeAdministrator
Libby Mirande brings 16 years of experience in the health and human services sector in fund and project development. With broad knowledge of the grants process she has successfully secured and managed awards from foundations, corporations, and government entities, including OHA, NIH, NSF, HRSA, and OPA). Ms. Mirande has been instrumental in securing nearly $1M in grant funding to bring the OmnEcoil device to the prototype stage. As a manager of research development at OHSU, she handles grant submissions and award management as well as clinical trials, ensuring good stewardship of millions of dollars in NIH grants and industry dollars. As a grant writer with Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW) she secured nearly $2M in federal and foundation grants in a little over a year’s time. Prior to that, she worked for Gary Bess Associates (GBA) as a contracted grant writer, securing funding for federally qualified health centers through HRSA grants. Prior to this, as Executive Director of Willis Dady Emergency Shelter (WDES), she secured 80% of requested grant dollars from private foundations, corporations, and government entities. At WDES she managed general operations, while increasing the organization’s funding and visibility within the community


Jen-Jane Liu MD
Jen-Jane Liu MD
Dr. Liu is an Assistant Professor at Oregon Health & Science University’s Department of Urology. As a urologic oncologist, Dr. Liu specializes in cancers of the genitourinary system. She has advanced training in open and minimally invasive (laparoscopic and robotic) urologic oncology. She received her medical degree from Stanford School of Medicine, and completed fellowship training in urologic oncology with the James Buchanan Brady Urologic Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Scott Eggener MD
Scott Eggener MD
Dr. Scott Eggener is Professor of Surgery and Radiology, Director of the Prostate Program, Co-Director of the High Risk and Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, and Director of the Translational and Outcomes Resedarch Section of Urology at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Dr. Eggener is an experienced robotic and open surgeon who specializes in the care of patients with prostate, kidney and testicular cancers. His research — which has resulted in over 200 publications — exclusively focuses on urologic cancers and primarily focuses on improving the screening and care of men with prostate cancer. Dr. Eggener’s research has been presented at national and international meetings. He is a senior faculty scholar at the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence, an associate editor at four medical journals, on the executive board of IVUMed, and frequently participates in volunteer educational and surgical international missions. 
Aytekin Oto MD MBA
Aytekin Oto MD MBA
Dr. Oto is Professor of Radiology and Surgery and Director of Body Imaging at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Dr. Oto is an expert in abdominal radiology — imaging of the liver, pancreas, prostate and bowel. Working with colleagues in medical and surgical subspecialties, he provides optimized patient care for adults with abdominal and pelvic disorders. He has a special interest in imaging of the prostate, magnetic resonance (MR) guided biopsies and MR guided focal therapy. Dr. Oto is active in clinical research. He has several NIH, federal and industry sponsored research grants focusing on advanced MR techniques for improved prostate cancer diagnosis, MRI-guided prostate cancer ablation and MR-guided high frequency ultrasound ablation of uterine fibroids.


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